Has Covid-19 made us more ethical buyers?

Leaving aside all of the theories about COVID-19 and its origins, one thing seems to be more true than ever: it isn’t just the products that you buy, it is where the originate.

In fact studies on this report that it’s not just limited to US or UK customers. As per this BBC article, they have identified this growing trend is on the uptick even more. And since COVID-19 pandemic has made us question our behavior a little more than usual, it’s certainly showing no signs of stopping.

Meanwhile, a study by research group Kantar said that since Covid-19 sustainability was more of a concern for consumers than before the outbreak. And 65% of global respondents told a survey by pollsters Ipsos Mori “that it is important that climate change is prioritized in the economic recovery after coronavirus”.

So are we more ethical now?

Are we seeing an ethical and environmental consumer revolution that is here to stay?

Yes and no.

Ashley Winsdale, a local farmer from Wisconsin who runs a buyer’s group, said that she has seen a huge increase in the number of her customers asking if its “local” or “from China”. There is a lot of anti-Chinese sentiment around, obviously. Winsdale told us that last year (2020) the company she owns, saw its sales soar by more than 30 times 2019’s levels.

“Overnight, the company had to shift operating elements to handle growth that would typically come over a few years, and with several million in marketing spend,” says Ms Tryner.

Ashley Winsdale, CEO

But not everyone is that worried about it. It could all be media hype. At the start of the UK’s first lockdown, she was recovering from a caesarean section, and so couldn’t drive to the shops. She found the solution on her local Facebook Marketplace pages.

“I get fresh fruit and veg delivered by a local supplier, and use a nearby butcher,” she says. “I’ve also bought some ready to cook meals from a local hotel when they had to adapt.

“I know how much of a difference it makes to the business owners, their families and staff. And there is great variety.”