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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Emma Pillow expensive?
Firstly there are 2 different pillows here. One is the Emma Original Pillow which costs around £49 before discount. If you upgrade to the Cloud Pillow, which Emma claim is their most "Plush" pillow ever, then this practically doubles the price. Expensive, certainly - so make sure to use a promo code!
How much is the Emma Cloud Pillow in UK?
The full RRP is £109.99 . There is only one size, so the price is fixed. It's not cheap, but using a promotion will reduce the price significantly.

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Tell me more about Emma Pillow...

Emma Mattress now sell pillows, and we created this website to help you track down all the best offers & promotions to save big.

What is the Emma Pillow?

Emma are known for their range of mattresses, in fact they are the biggest selling mattress company in the UK as of right now. But they also sell other items like pillows and sleep aids.

The current pillow range includes two different pillows:

  • Emma Original Pillow
  • Emma Cloud Pillow

The Cloud Pillow is a new innovation that launched in 2021. It starts from £109.99 before any discount. The features of this pillow from German company Emma, are as follows:

  • Soft support for all sleeping positions
  •  The fluffiest down-alternative pillow
  •  Adjustable height and firmness
  • 100% machine-washable, no clumping
  • Size: 50x70 cm

As it's made from "down alternative" this means that no animals were harmed in the making of the pillow. A lot of people don't realise that down is somewhat cruel (or at least, can be cruel). For this reason it's always best to buy down-alternative where possible.

Both of their pillows - whichever you choose - are ultrasoft and designed to be breathable. They are also both made in the UK. Of course, this is a German company but if you are looking for a British-made pillow then do consider this one!

Specs for the Emma Pillow

  • Pillowcase: Microfiber 100g/m3 made of 100% Polyester
  • Filling: Siliconized micro elastic fibre 100% polyester
  • Soft touch finish

Do Discount codes work for Emma Pillow too?

Yes. All active discounts and voucher codes listed here are tested & working for the Emma Pillow. This includes the new Cloud Pillow. You need to spend a minimum of £45 but all pillows that are sold by Emma are above this price-point.

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